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Since I started training Aikido, in 1989, I'm intrigued by the connection between Aikido and everyday life. I see Aikido as a lab in which we investigate our reactions, habits and the we manage ourselves in the world. Thus, the ability to take the insights from the lab of the dojo into our life seems to me natural and necessary. In the blog I write about thoughts, insights and questions related to aikido and it's affiliation to the 'big' life. I hope that the blog with thrive and continue to be a space for discussions and deepening in Aikido and in its relation to our lives. Your comments add a lot, and frequently, through a certain comment I learn about a subject from a new perspective. With a hope to continued fruitful and educational discussions and joyful walking in the path of Aikido.

Eli Lerman


This is a sentence from the Chinese classic Texts, which I learned from Suganuma Sensei many years ago. It means: “To match the reaction to the changing circumstances”.

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As we know, while we practice Aikido, we switch roles continuously, and half the time our role is that of “Uke”, meaning we accept the technique. Even though we spend 50 percent of the time in this role, there are hardly any texts explaining the essence of it.

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יום אחד חיים שלמים – ההסבר של סוגנומה סנסאי

One Day – A Whole Life

A few months ago, I sent Suganuma Sensei a letter, in which I asked for his interpretation of the sentence: “One Day – A Whole Life”. I am happy to enclose the translation of Sensei’s explanation.

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