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The Aikido Center of Israel is a center dedicated to the study and practice of Aikido (Dojo in Japanese). The center practices Aikikai Aikido (the main style in world Aikido). The center is a “grandson” of the founder: Master Suganuma was a direct pupil of the founder, and we are directly affiliated to Master Suganuma in Japan, and practice Aikido in the style taught there. The center was founded in 1997, by Sensei Eli Lerman, 5th Dan, who studied directly under Master Suganuma in Japan for seven years, and who now heads the center. Over the years the center has grown, and now operates several branches in the Sharon area (Kfar Saba, Ra’anana and Netanya-Nordia).


The meaning of the word Aikido is the way (do) to harmony (ai) with energy (ki). Aikido is a Japanese non-competitive martial art. Aikido, which roots are found in ancient tradition, is a relatively new martial art that was founded in the first half of the 20th century by grandmaster Morihei Ueshiba. As would be expected of a martial art that has its roots rooted in martial technique, Aikido includes a variety of lethal techniques that are meant as a means of defense against an attacker. Over the years Aikido evolved from a martial technique, which emphasizes self defense and effectiveness, to a martial art, which emphasizes the “way”. (Read more…)

Suganuma Sensei

Suganuma Sensei was born in Fukushima prefecture in Japan. After graduating from high school he began studying at a university in Tokyo. During his studies he practiced pole jumping, but had to give up the sport because of an illness. Sensei recuperated and re-enrolled to another university in Tokyo. During that time, in 1963, he started studying aikido at the Aikido club at the university in which he studied.  The teacher in charge of the university club was Tamura Sensei (who later taught Aikido in France for many years). (Read more…)

Eli Lerman, Founder and Chairman of the Aikido Center of Israel

“I arrived in Japan in 1989 as part of the traditional “after the army” trip, and as part of a soul search. My declared target was “to study Aikido”, even though I have never practiced before, and as a matter of fact, knew very little about Aikido. The original reason for my arrival in Japan was a combination of exposure to Steven Seagal films, in which he demonstrates the effective side of the art, and of the fact that studying a martial art has been a childhood dream for me. Looking back, it is clear to me I was a 23 years old kid, who came with an intention to master the art within three months, and then to return to Israel. I never said it aloud, but I have to admit those were my thoughts. (Read more…)

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